About Lamb Club

At Lamb Club, our background is traditional farming but we're also skilled in the arts of butchery and customer service. This means we can bring you old school handcrafted lamb in a fun, contemporary and innovative way.

When you purchase your lamb with us, you can select your favourite cuts, then our team of artisan butchers will go to work handcrafting your order. It will then be despatched to your chosen address inside a beautiful wooden case, making it ideal for your home BBQ, or as a special occasion or corporate gift.

We want to make lamb simple and easy to use, so our lamb cuts have been designed for the BBQ - it doesn't get any easier than that! There is nothing better than tender and juicy lamb cooked on the barbie.

Lamb For Gifts

If you're looking for a unique gift idea, then our Lamb Packs are the perfect choice.

Lamb School

We hold regular Lamb School events where you can learn how to become a barbeque Lamb master. More info.